Hellen's brand history is part of the furniture manufacturer ZOV.

The current the factory ZOV covers more than 100,000 m2, and about 2000 skilled workers are involved in this process. The equipment and technology of the most advanced European companies (Koimpex, BIESSE, SELCO, HOMAG) are used in production, and part of the production process is completely automated, which allows to save time and achieve extremely high quality standards.

The history of the company's development began 20 years ago when a small ethnic Grodno Jewish family business was created. The idea to create a furniture business was owned by Vladimir Zukhovitsky, but Oleg, his son, a young but viable and ambitious man, became the main implementer of the idea. In two decades a small furniture factory has grown in to 36 companies concern ZOV, which manages all production processes from raw material preparation and manufacturing to logistics and design.

Hellen's trademark for the European market was given from her daughter Elena. After completing his medical studies in 2006, she returned from Israel to her native Grodno and continues her medical activities in the field of hematology. She gives the lectures, holds a Doctorate Degree, publishes scientific articles and is respected by students, patients and colleagues.

The family, inspired by Elena's rigor and professionalism, has given the European market a new flagship brand - Hellen.