The kitchen with veneered fronts represents an enhancement in terms of both quality and function. Thanks to optimum use ofspace you gain more room for action. The fronts are provided with the grip recesses instead of regular handles which impart unity and style to kitchen overall appearance. All open shelves are also made ofhigh-quality veneer and will immediately draw your attention as you enter the room.


FRONTS T222 (chipboard veneered with ash wood)

FRONTS COLOR 120 / Oil—wax finish Rosewood

HANDLES Handle recesses KV—1/KV—2

WORKTOP 38mm/50mm, laminate, color Snow White

WORKTOP EDGE 3D Snow White / 3D White

OPEN/SHELVES/RACK Chipboard veneered with ash wood (oil—wax finish Rosewood,veneer thickness 0,6mm), aluminium frame profile Z—1 (color Black)

SHELVES (RACK) Tinted glass (color Bronze, glass thickness 4mm)

SIDE PANELS (BASE TALL UNITS) T219G (Chipboard veneered with ash wood,veneerthickness 0,6mm)

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